Its new so no dirt ;)…


Looks really good, but is a little boring. Or looks too symmetrical and perfect. Also maybe add a slight bump to the textures and don’t make the tubes go quite so perfectly straight. Make things less shiny. Nothing is this clean. Add dust particles to the air. Maybe have something on the floor. Make the lighting less perfectly even, but focus on somewhere. The fog is a little strange too. I don’t know why. And I sadly don’t get fog yet… but it is not quite a natural fog yet… needs more work.
But this is a really nice start!

AyeAye Sir…I will Improve it…

look forward to what you do with it.

shouldn’t the apparatus look like is made of copper :eyebrowlift:
would add a bit of diversity, for they (wooden ceiling planks & apparatuses) look pretty much made of same materials :wink:

The head on camera is hurting the image.
A more dynamic camera angle would really help.

Sorry…but please could explain what are you trying to say…

I think he metal textures need a lot of more work. Copper oxidizes in two different stages, first red Cu2O and then black CuO and you get a lot of different shades and reflectivities on copper. The stanless steel collars also need alot more work on the shaders to look real. Also, I think you cheated on the beveling of the scaffolding of the condensers.

Generally speaking pipes are not seamless… Flanges and joints are present 1. if it’sa solder or silver solder joint, you will see silver between the edges. 2. If it’s flanged, you will se a gasket between the flanges

I think some variation in the pipe color would add some authenticity and some interest.

looks like the machine room of the abrahms enterprise. no, just, kidding.