Distinguish Media (help with fluid setup)

Ok guy’s I’m doing an animation, I’ going to have a “dm” come out of the monitor in the picture. I want it to look like liquid flowing out into a “dm”. I’ve tried and I just can’t do it. so please help me :confused: . I was also wondering if anyone knows how I can get a simple hilight bloom effect going on?



Any input is greatly appreciated.



That’s a very cool idea, and I’m sure there must be a way of doing it…
You could maybe try having bounds (or whatever they’re called - I’m rubbish at the fluid simulator) so that the liquid reaches the point at which the letters should be and splashes back slightly, then render a picture of the last frame of that animation and one with the logo on the screen, and use some sort of morph effect between the two images to make it look like the liquid is forming the letters.

Twud be nice to be able to have “bounds” to work with, but sadly all I’ve been able to do is fill a “d” or an “m” with water, animating it to gather in one little place seems almost impossible. I’m not sure how I’d morph between two images, good suggestion though :slight_smile:

Make a fluid bound for d, make the letter shape d, and–at one end–add a high-powered fluid inflow. Animate it. Do the same with the letter m, using different inflow timing and what-not, then composite them in blender.

You might be better off starting off with the d and the m as fluid or inflow objects, running a simulation where they have a force pointed at the monitor; rendering it, and then taking it into your video editor of choice (or the Blender sequencer) and playing it in reverse.

I understand the idea of a “bound”, but how do I create one?

Fweeb, I don’t think that’s the look he’s going for.

Jackblack. Wellll, you know how to make a bounding box, right? A fluid environment?

Well, then make a model inside the box of the letter, to make it fillable, turn it into a collision object and set it to shell only, also, make the normals point inside, and put the high-velocity inflow inside one end. To keep the shell itself from rendering, move it to another layer, and… voila! Magic letters, like water appear.

If you want I could whip up a demo file, the concept’s pretty simple and it’d be no trouble. :]

Well, I’m not sure if I understand you exactly, but the letters need to flow from the monitor to the designated place. But a demo file would be fabulous and greatly appreciated :).

bump Well I think I figured out what I want to do, I’ll soon have an animation to show, also is there any idea on how I could improve on the image so far?