distorntion qhen adding a camera

Hi, I’m modelling a human face with an armature. The model works pretty good but when I add a camer to make a exe file, the model distors. I’ve tried to move the camera and play with the lens option and I’ve managed to fit it a little but not as it appears in the 3D view. any ideas?. Many thanks.

You have probably modelled the face completely in orthographic mode. The human eye sees in perspective, so to make the model look correct in orthographic mode you have inadvertently added some perspective to your mesh. When you now look at the scene through a camera it also adds perspective (if fact doubling the perspective) making your face look distorted.

Some solutions to your problem.

  1. set the 3d view lens to 50mm (about the same as the eye)
  2. Use the Num5 key often to see what your model looks like in perspective mode.
  3. I suggest setting the user preference that automatically switches to perspective mode when not in one of the ortho views (looking directly down the x,y or z axis)
  4. If you model from a reference photo make sure the photo is taken with the longest lens possible.


Well, many thanks. I’ll try to change a little the lens option. But I sill think it should have the correct perspective as my model is obtained from a 3D scanner and saved as an .vrml file.