distorted faces?


i recently started modelling in blender and im getting used to creating stuff.

however when i started i imported a model and started working on it and learned blender by making it better…

however i recently discovered materials and made a red one, i applied this to the mesh… but now at some points it is distorted, it shows the old or the standard material right through it…
from a distance it looks fine though…

i have no idea of what is going on and i cant seem to find anything related or a way to fix it… i also checked the vertices to see if there are doubles and whatnot, but no succes, as far as i know there are no modifiers.

does anyone know what to do?


i found a solution that solved my issue, apperently there were many double verteces which resulted in double faces, there were also some random double faces where there were no double verteces.
i solved this by selecting all faces, removing them, then manually merged any double verteces and then created new faces, this completely removed my issue and gave me a much cleaner model as result in the end.