Distorted image on model?

The model of my house when i apply the texture from the UV unwrapped layout looks distorted like this:

But the image looks like this:

Whats going on? and how do i fix it?.

Well i found out why this is happening i figured that that when creating the UV it is automatically stretched to fit in the box and since the UV image is stretched, the texture try’s to fit itself into the models but it cant since the image is a different size from the actual model thus creating distortion. But how do i create the UV in a way to shrink it into the box instead of stretching it so its not distorted?.

split the view so you have the UV/texture on one side and the 3D viewport on the other side. go into edit mode in the viewport. this should give you a UV map that you can position on to the texture.

I don’t think you understand what i meant. I exported the UV layout and then textured it.

I want to generate the UV layout the same scale as the house model faces and export it from that, i want to get a perfect scale. How would i do that?

dont think this will affect anything, but just in case, in object mode, press CTRL + A and apply scale. scale should always be 1:1:1, else it may cause issues, though i dont think that is the case here. but worth a try.

so i dont know exsactly what your problem is so ill just explain the prosess and you can see where you went wrong.

I will assume you understand UV map and unwrapping, considering you have already got as far as to export.
when you export, you will get a referance equal to the current UV map. after making a texture using the exported layout as referance, you can easily put the texture in blender and use it as a texture.
this is best done in the node editor. Add a texture coordinate, and put UV into the Vektor input of a Mapping node. Then take the output node form the mapping node and put it into the Vektor node of the image texture node.

This will tell blender to use the UV map that you unwrapped earlier for how the texture will be applied.
at this stage, you can not unwrap the model again unless the new unwrap looks the same. if you make any changes, and unwrap it again you will get a new UV map that does not fit the texture you made, cause the texture was made with an old UV map.

Iv’e done all that my problem is when i “u/unwrap” it creates a stretched version of the models UV layout so it can fit into the box. How do i create the UV layout so it doesn’t stretch instead scales it smaller to fit in the box.

Edit: I used “Ctrl + A” and applied scale and now it works Like you said above. Thanks.