Distorted model when exporting to FBX for Assimp

I’m completely new to blender and I’ve been spending some time following the ‘Structure of Blender’ videos on YouTube to build a basic human model with animation. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to export my model and use it in my code, however when I attempt to export the model to FBX and opening it in Assimp Viewer, this is the result I get:

Obviously everything seems fine in Blender (2.71) so I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong. I select my rig and my model and export to FBX, checking the ‘selected objects’ option.

Does anybody have any idea on what the issue might be?


Did you check if the FBX loads fine in another application using the FBX SDK? (Unity3D/Epics-engine… or another 3D app known to have good support? - any from Autodesk should do).

That should tell you if its a bug in Blender or Assimp

Just loaded it up in Autodesk FBX Review and I get very similar results:


You should supply an example blend file that shows the problem

Apologies, see attached.


character_14.zip (881 KB)

Try exporting using the FBX 6.1 ASCII format

Thanks a lot Richard, that seems to solve the problem when opening up with FBX Reviewer. Unfortunately it seems as though Open Assimp refuses to open the old file format and requests files be in FBX format 2011, 2012 or 2013! I guess if it comes down to it I can attempt to find/use an older version of Assimp, though I’d be very grateful if anybody could shine any light on why FBX 7.4 causes this to happen?