distorted render

Ive been working on a character model in blender, and I noticed that when the camera is close to the charaters face (relatively) it seems to get distorted sort of like a fishbowl lense type of distortion I keep checking everything …the camera is set to the default settings… I can’t figure out what is causing this distortion…anyone have any ideas ??? I need to be able to render this model up close for the final project. I would appreciate any information about how to stop this… thank you.

could you please provide a screenshot. then it would be easier to answer your question. The question is, what means “relative close”? Every lens has some distortion unless you set the camera to orthographic.

This is still very much a work in progress …

Here is the default camera


Here is the render set to ortho


The ortho render pic looks a lot more like the model actually does (if not exactly).

while the original default render settings is doing a lot of distortion.

Is it possible that your model is quit big in terms of blender units?
the bigger a model is, the more you will notice the lens distortion in camera view.
Try to scale down the model of reduce the lens settings for your camera.

I looked at the models dim x and y and its slightly more then 8 blender units I dont really know what blender units are equivalent to so I have no idea it doesnt look very big , I’ll give scaling it down a try though see what happens.

Change the lens setting and move the camera around.

I tried rescaling it to a good number of different sizes…didnt really seem to change it… you know the reason I have to put the camera so close is because the detail is lost when I put the camera any further away from the model … almost as if some kind of level of detail was at work… and the bump map on the skin is set to 6 (normal) Maybe there is something about the new system Im not getting (2.42a) Maybe its the settings on the spots or something … bias …?? Im using catmull filter at 110. Is there any reason I cant just use the ortho setting for the camera … or does that change things in other undesirable ways ?? Its only for a still.
Here is another ortho render



Try this:
Select your camera> go to editing mode(F9)> increase your lens setting to 50 (corresponds to a 50mm camera) you can adjust this to taste. I find the default of 35 to be too much perspective as well.


Hey thanks a lot that works !!