distorted saved uv layout vs uv unwrapper



i unfolded parts of my m-16 magazin and decided to actualy apply the
image as a material instead of a texface. so i ran the save uvlayout script and
the saved uv layout is distorted compared to what i have in the uv editor in blender.

anybody can tell me whats wrong here? i spent hours on getting all the cvs in the uv editor correct.

i think what is happening is, the image you had loaded into the UV window, when you loaded your UVs is not square. so, when the UVs load, they are scaled according to the XY ratio of the image. if you loaded the same coords into the UV editor with no image, or a square image, they would match the UV export.

darn it i am a retardet!

uv needs always square images.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 132, in bevent
IndexError: list index out of range

this is what os x (got kicked of the pcs) gives me with the
save uv layout script.

but when i replaced the old image with the new the uv mesh
got distorted and i only needed to scale it along y down and
it fits. so i guess when i export the uv layout again on a pc
all will match!