Distorted texture on a shrunken cube


I created a cube and UV-mapped a texture onto it by simply resetting the UV-mapping (so that the whole texture is mapped onto each face of the cube). Then I shrunk the upper half of the cube, resulting in a three-dimensional trapezoid. For some reason, the texture does not shrink accordingly, but is severely distorted (see picture and blend file), just like in old video games that used texture mapping without perspective correction (those were the days…).

I would like the texture to be shrunk alongside the cube. Did I do something wrong? Is this a bug in Blender?

DistortedTexture.blend (27.7 KB)

That’s the nature of UV mapping. You scaled the mesh, but the face’s UV layout remains the complete image. Scale the face’s UV coordinates the same way you scaled the face (same amount and direction) and all should be well.

But that would not achieve the desired result. Maybe I need to explain myself better. What I want to have is this (faked with GIMPs Perspective tool):

I don’t know if that’s even possible without creating en entire, specially designed, new texture. But hell, I’m still a newb with UV mapping.

i did try with a plug in checkeredboard

and i can do some distorsion but not like a clean slanted pattern

that you have to distort the image with gimp or other soft
and then load it up into blender

may be will have some sort of node to do that soon but i don’t remember anything like this up to now!

hope it helps