distorted view in 3d viewport possible?

Hello, i Have a question regarding distorted views/aspect ratio.
In car design, models are often judged by using a strechted view-I can try to mimic this with the aspect ratio in the render tab.
see pictures-

picture 3 is the result- its an open gl render of the camera.
is it somehow possible to have this same stretching affect in the viewport?
I need this in realtime (no extra rendering) so I can judge an modify at the same time.
Any ideas?


Open 2 viewport take a copy of the car…Place copy in viewport 1…Use scale in N - Panel to set Your stretching

Edit Your original in viewport 2…?


Actually i dont really understand, but I definetly dont want to generate a copy, and i dont want to change scale of my object!
But I had an IDEA after reading your post- I tried a simple deform modifier- and then just turn visibility of it on and of… it is kind of working, but i dont like to modify the mesh- i would prefer to do ths in the camera and leave the model as it is(plus a camera soulution would work on all object in the viewport, not just one.
Any ideas?