distortion on reflection

hi all,
I don’t know how to obtain this kind of effect on reflection. Do someone have some example or hints about this? Mainly when I have to render this kind of material I put specularity and reflection in 2 different layer. So i need to extract this effect on the reflection channel…

sorry, this is the effect I’m looking for…

it relays on the surface geometry. Nothing is perfect in real life, so, if you want this reflections, you must subdivide and tweak the surface, as it were “drilled” like this one. Tweaking the geometry, you obtain distorted reflections. :wink: Hope i’ve been clear.

thanks meschoyez, but if I would achive the same result through a texture, how could I do? NormalMap or put something as reflection map?

I think a Normal Map would be fine, and more controllable for nice reflections.

I made a test with a displace map using blender clouds texture, I’m not totally satisfied but it seems to works. here
But I used two scenes, one for reflection e one for diffuse, i don’t know if it is a good solution…