Distortion when activating smooth

Good morning everyone, I have recently started using Blender and I been working on few tutorials here and there… I learn a new thing every day, but this issue has been buggin me since the beginning.

This model was created without using the Smooth Shading tool (Flat by default), and it seems that every time I change it to Smooth Shading, this distortion occurs.

Smooth Shading:


It’s really annoying, and I am sorry if someone else has asked this question but I am new to these forums. I was also wondering if these distortions will affect the development of future animations.

Thank you for your time, and I am sorry for the long post… I am just really annoyed by this :frowning:

You have some faces pointing inwards and some pointing outwards giving the dark shading as it tries to smooth between them. Recalculate the face normals by selecting all faces and Ctrl+N
Before doing this remove any double vertices which can cause the recalculation to fail. Select all vertices and W / remove doubles

Wow, this simple solution makes me look so stupid hahaha! Thank you so much for your quick response, I had removed the double vertices, but wasn’t aware of the Recalculation of faces hotkeys.

I have another curiosity, which I would like to post here, but unfortunately I am not allowed to post URLs as a reply(?), so I think I will create another post.

Thanks again, worked like a charm!

hello i’m new to blender and using 2.8 beta , facing the same issue but the shortcuts are giving different results.

In 2.8 the shortcut key has changed to Shift+N

and in the latest builds, after selecting all vertices do Ctrl+M and choose 'By Distance; which has replaced Remove Doubles