distortion with close objects

I’m hoping this is a noob question, and that there’s an easy fix. I have a label that I’m putting on a bottle, and the label object needs to be as close to the bottle as possible, and when I render it I get a distortion like I have duplicate vertices, but the objects a separate, just close. Has anyone seen this before and found a solution that would accommodate what I’m trying to do? Thanks for the help, and here’s an image with the distortion.


Without knowing if you need to be able to peel the label off or not, I can only offer this advice - sorry if it’s already been considered and rejected.

I’d just texture-map the label onto the bottle. You just need a texture map that’s got your label on it (the background colour doesn’t matter) and another texture map that’s black where the label is and 30% grey where the glass is, assuming the glass has an alpha of 0.3

If it’ll help, here’s a very rough example of what I mean. VBottle.blend

Thanks for the reply. I have the label as a separate object because, 1, it’s double sided, and 2, I want to use fresnel with raytrans on the plastic of the bottle. If you can think of a way to make that work using a texture on the bottle, I would be excessively happy, but in another thread no one had a definite answer to solve that. Any ideas…thanks for the reply.