Distortions in face following bevel for no clear reason


I have an outline of an eagle which I imported as an SVG and then cleaned up the unnecessary vertices using Decimate and then manually deleting others. I put a face in the outline and then extrude. I try to bevel the top edge but something strange happens in the final result (after the protracted battle with the bevel tool). You can see anomalies occurring at the talons (bird claws) and between the mouth and talons. The anomalies are not visible until the end of the video.

I have two questions.

  1. What are these anomalies and how do I eliminate them?

  2. What is the intended use of the bevel tool? It goes from no bevel at all to all the bevel in the universe in a very small movement of the mouse. You can see me struggling with it for the majority of the video.

In the video you omit to show the properties of the object in object mode so can only guess the object scale is not 1 for each axis. If it’s not, apply the object scale with Ctrl+A before trying to bevel.

While using the bevel tool you can hold down the Shift key to make finer adjustments

Hi. Thanks a lot. This solves the second problem of controlling the application of bevel (the scales were set to ~43) but the anomalies still occur when bevel is applied with object scale set to 1 for each axis. These pictures show the triangular aberrations following application of bevel.

Get rid of the ngon (face > 4 sides) or split into a series of smaller ngons. Inset the face (I) then fix any issues so the border of the face are all quads. Then bevel

No blend file supplied in you post so you’ll have to do this yourself