Have you ever felt distressed? This guy feels your pain.


This one took me a while overall. I learned quite a bit and had a lot of fun with him. Here is a pre-photoshop render: http://web.pdx.edu/~wlf/distressed_prephoto.jpg

Thanks for looking.

The fingers look rather odd, like they are carved from wood!

The eyebrows look a bit matted/flat

I see that you’ve got a few blood vessels in the eyes. Maybe a few more would be more convincing.

More hair?

Bump map on lips looks bad.

No eyelids. Or if there were, they were not significant. Also, I think the eyelashes are on the short side.

Well done on completing it though :slight_smile:


Very nice bumpmapping. That’s the firts that springs in my mind.
Other thing is, that his hair strands look a bit too thick, like wire.

I assume the image is meant to be a guy clawing at his own face is distress; but without any shoulders or neck visible it just looks a bit like his distress is due to being a disembodied head clutched in somebody else’s hand, Yorik style.

I like the texture work, though, especially on and around the eyes.