Distribute even holes on a curved object


I am trying to make holes with equal size and distance between them on a sphere or a curved object but I cant find a fast way to do it. I have used use Shrinkwrap Modifier but it is very to difficlut to achieve a good resault. If I have only one or 10 holes isnt a problem. I can make it manually, but if I have 100 or more then is complicate. The final object should look like the photo in the attachments.

Thanks for your help.

You could try using Mesh: Tissue addon (already included in Blender, needs to be enabled) to generate a coating of cylinders, then substract them from your main mesh with the boolean modifier.


Thanks for your reply. I have already tried using Tissue but the problem is that this addon ist deforming the cylinder according to the face of the object. If you have Faces that are not squers the cylinder will look like an elipse. I ve just tried with a sphere and on the faces in the middle looks nice but going up is deforming the cylinder.

Do you want the the holes to be getting smaller as in the example image?

It would be nice, but is not important. For now I would like to distribute even the holes along the surface.

You coud use a quad sphere to avoid the deformation

The surface that I have looks like this. Sphere is an example, because is easier to create.

Instead of Tissue then you can use the array modifier along with a curve. You can also do array of array to create a matrix, then proceed with the boolean.

You may also create fake holes with a bump/normal map texture if you don’t really need the model to be pierced for real.

Thanks. I will try to make this. The model needs to be 3d printed and the holes have to be real.

I will download this addon and i hope that it will work. Thanks for your suggestion.

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If you can size your faces so that the face centers are evenly spaced, you’ll have a much easier time with it. If nothing else, you can use the face center to snap Boolean objects. But you could also use dupliverts or the new geometry nodes to distribute cutter objects to the faces.

You can try a poked icosphere like this: poked_ico.blend (1.4 MB)
Then select rings and make different sizes of holes.

The problem with this method is that I am depending from the topology of the objekt. So like you said, if the faces are not squer, the holes will not be placed evenly along the surface. What I would like to have is array modifier that goes around the surface. I have tried varius modifiers but I cant find the best way. With the new geometry nodes I havent play around. I will try them.

Thanks for your reply.


My topology is not a sphere, it is an organic form and that makes it more complicate. But for sure it will be another way.

Thanks for your reply.

As Blutag says you should use an array of holes then deform the whole object with a Surface Deform for example or another modifier

If it is not to much deformed, maybe from a metaball and remesh gives an good result: