Distribute games with EXE file!

(S_W) #1

Hi everybody!

First of all:
Thank you saluk for your great idea to start blender games with the command line!!! :smiley:

It inspired me to create a little utility for distributing our blender games.

Please have a look:


This program allows you to create distributing packages in one single folder.
You won’t need anything installed on the target system (only windows :wink: )
and you don’t have to use .bat files (you can of course), because there is a little compiler which generates .exe files to start the blender.exe with the right command line parameters!

It’s only version 1.0 and it isn’t tested on all windows platform, but I’m sure you will find out if it works. You can find it here:


Have fun! :slight_smile:

(joecool) #2

awesome. I’m going to try it. I’ll tell you how it comes out. I may have to download later because it is going unbelievable slow out here…I wish I had a cable connection…or T3 :smiley:

(gargola) #3

me too Joe…later,got to go prepare for the soccer game at 3:00 pm…will be back after the game.cya! :slight_smile:

ps: coming from S_W,i know it’s a great program! :wink:

(joecool) #4

It’s awesome. I like the feature that you can put your own icons. That’s really cool. Good work.

(saluk) #5

Thanks for your support! This is so much cooler than batch files, the only reason to get publisher now would be for the few added features, and to support Nan of course; but since no one can do that anyway, this is the best solution. Heh heh, I figured it wouldnt be too long before you took my command-line idea and ran with it :slight_smile:

Hmm, unfortunately, it wont seem to create exe’s for me. It does everything else, but the exe doesn’t show up…


Installed vb and everything too, but I’ll try it on my 2k computer, winME can be evil sometimes.

(gargola) #6

nnnnnnnooooooooo!!! i’m on windows ME too! don’t tell me it won’t work! :frowning:

(joecool) #7

hey it worked for me and I’m on ME.

but, it’s basically the same thing as saluk’s isn’t? I mean, you can still alter the file if you have blender.

(Klein) #8

I cant download the program.
Everytime i download it the download only gets till 50% then from there
the download goes directly to 100%.
Then when i open the .zip file it appears an error message that i must download it again, because an error during the download.
Whats up?

(S_W) #9

This is a problem that seems to appear sometimes…the only solution I found out is to restart the program and to retry it again…

The .exe file should work on all windows platform (I’m not sure about XP), because the exe is created with a C compiler.

Yes, of course, it is not a standalone player, but for distributing it to platforms without blender it’s a simple solution. Concerning the blender file: I’ve already tried to include something like a encryption for the blender file, but up to now I couldn’t find a fast way to do this.

If you can’t download it, I could send it to you by email…

(Pooba) #10

That’s a cool little program! What do you use to make those programs, what language? C++, C, python? Everything worked for me!

i’m on windows ME

I’m on ME

winME can be evil sometimes

All those people out there who have ME, GET A DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows ME is worse than 95, 98, any of those! What are you thinking?!


(joecool) #11

Some, like me, can’t change :frowning:

(wes1) #12


(gargola) #13


(wes1) #14

i think i wose a littebit to anthusiastic about don’t need blender ??? wes1

(wiseman303) #15

I have windows ME and it works fine.

I noticed that the game deployer doesn’t copy the readme.txt or the copyright.txt files into the new directory. Shouldn’t those files be included in the data directory if games are being distributed this way?

(syndic3d) #16

Hey!!! This thing is absolutely cool!!!

I just tried it on Windows 2000! Works like a charm!

Thanx a lot!!!

(saluk) #17

legally, yes. The halfway solutions provided by me and SW are to be used at your own risk. You are not legally allowed to distribute the blender.exe without readme.txt and copyright.txt, and I don’t think you can alter the name of the blender.exe as well.

And no, this doesn’t provide for locking of the files, although some sort of locked zip file type thing could probably work, what do you think sw? If the exe had the password, isn’t there a library somewhere to allow using files from an archive?

Not sure if it’s the best way, but it’s an idea.

(gargola) #18

wow!i tried it and it’s great!..there was a little error,but i’ll try again with a different game. :slight_smile:

(gargola) #19

hey peeps! the program has an option where you choose the icon you want for the game,so it creates an application with that icon.is that what other people got to click to play the game?if it is,then it doesn’t work for me,cause when i click on it,it gives a loading error. but then when i click on the other file(the one with the blender logo) the game run fine. ??? is that right?

(S_W) #20

No, no, I used Visual Basic, which is much more easier :wink:

Yes, because you still NEED blender.

Oh yes, the copyright files are not included and I changed the name of the blender.exe and its icon :-? . That’s the reason why I’ll remove the program from my website until I changed this in the next release of the gamedeployer. Sorry, but this is important if you want to create professional games.

Could you describe me that error more exactly, please?

Hmm, this is a good idea (though I’m not sure how to perform this exactly), but I thought of encrypting the blender file with the .exe and decrypting it to a random created directory while blender plays the game.
So when you quit blender the decrypted file and the (in some way hidden) directory are deleted.
It’s also only an idea…