Distributed raytracing update! <-- WIN32 & LINUX BUIL

Doing more work on distray :slight_smile:

These are rendered in blender internal

The Builds:

Linux: http://mark62756.home.comcast.net/blender-2.34-linux-glibc2.3.3-i386.tar.gz

(Thx 2 Mark62756)


(Thx 2 Levon)

The patch:

Old Post:

here are the latest images:


Sphere Lamp example:


Lamp (Radius=0)


Lamp (Radius = 1)


Hammersley points (better sampling technique)
Multisample shading for lamps


Soft reflections/refractions

Anyone kind enough to apply this patch against the latest CVS? I can provide webspace for someone who is kind enough to do it, that way everyone can get access to it.


How come this hasn’t made it into CVS yet? This is by far the feature that I have been waiting for the most. Great work :o

yep the patch should work with bf-blender-cvs. tried it yesterday. well all you’d have to do is correc the paths and maybe the line numbers?

I have no idea how to apply patches, or anything else related to coding; Im in it for the renders :stuck_out_tongue:

So if anyone can compile this for me I’ll post a link to it on the .org testing builds forum.


That looks excellant, hope it could make it in by the time 2.35 comes out :slight_smile:

We usually try to add only completed features.


We usually try to add only completed features.

tuhopuu a least ?

sry for all the mistakes last patch

it works now

please post test renders here :slight_smile:

Mark62756 is making windows builds
I am doing linux builds

Desktop size version of the cubes test image (with some improvements):

i was making linux and windows builds :confused:

BlackMage this is an awesome feature. If only I could put my hands on it… :wink:

i’ve got a linux but it didn’t patch successfully on windows. i’m really sorry. i will have a windows build tomorrow. its late here and i’ve got school tomorrow.

Linux: http://mark62756.home.comcast.net/blender-2.34-linux-glibc2.3.3-i386.tar.gz

Nobody has patched this yet?

Im desperate to test this out :o

hey f00 could you post some comparison images of the green cube pic, like some from yafray and some from the 2.34 internal renderer. thanks

heh :slight_smile: with all good luck this will be in CVS soon… :slight_smile:

Heh… enjoy the builds. :slight_smile: thanks levon.

heh nice job levon… i couldn’t get the patch to work under windows

Is it just me or do hemi lights give no light at all in levon’s build? (can someone check the linux build too)

that is neat.

Am I blind? I don’t find buttons to turn on blurry reflection/refraction. Where are they? :expressionless:

i think foof said he broke the hemi lights :smiley:

i dont think blury reflections and refractions are in distray yet.