Distributed Renderer - BlenderWebRender

A little thing I’ve been coding recently…

Not technically a renderer since it leaves the rendering up to blender.
You animation people might like it.

Just put out the first beta release tonight…

Very interesting. Anxious to see it up and runnning. What are the requirements for this to work. And what´s the workflow?


You need some kinda UNIX (I use linux,) a webserver that does CGI (apache for me,) and perl on the master server. For the client/node you need a UNIX (again, Linux) perl, curl, and of course Blender.

You create jobs, and these jobs consist of frame rendering instructions. You probebly want to give it enough frames to render for ten minutes, because it takes a one minute break between each job. When the clients are done they grab a new job, until all the jobs have been completed.

I should mention theres a lockfile problem, and if you kill a client yourself, delete the lockfile (whatever you configured it as in client.pl).

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