distributed still render usgin camera positions

Is there a plugin that automaticly places a camera in successive positions in a matrix (plus changes in rotation), to get multiple shots that can be stitched together in one single image?
The script would place the camera in consecutive frames and I would use a render farm to render them and then merge these in one image.

I’ve red about Render Shots plugin (i’m ont sure it does this anyway) but it is for 2.63 and i’m still using 2.49b (mostly for yafray)

Thanks in advance for any help

I have no definitive solutions, just some ideas:

You could probably use the sift of the camera (it’s possible to animate it). Set the resolution to like 10% of your final resolution and then set the shift for each frame to match 1/10 of the image. (It can be tricky to get right, you set the shift in BU, up to +/-10 BU).

Another way might be to use the “Border/crop render”. Since it’s possible to set the border using Python, you could write a script that changes the rendered region for each frame. This is probably the best option, but it takes a little more (specific) “know-how”…