Distributing curves on a mesh

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I’m contemplating doing setup for distributing curves on mesh surface. Good examples could be this:

Or this:

Both have different distribution method. First one follows the geometry loops, second one texture (I think).
All I was able to found was Raycast method, but it have a lot of limitations like not doing holes in topology properly.


First attempt. It’s still finicky and changing shape is not very easy, but the results are promising.

Textures are used for removing every second band of dense mesh derived from initial geometry. Then check is made that detects non-manifold edges and converts them into curves. Then it’s just a matter of styling the curve.

The most problematic is first part as the mesh needs to heavily subdivided. I hope to improve this part with remesh node in the future.


Very nice! Can you post a more zoomed in screengrab of the graph, the current one is too small. Cheers.

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Here you go mate.


A little update.
Found another method, but it can hardly be called interactive. Check execution time :joy: :ok_hand:


Lol, that is high. Great effect though.

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