Distributing meshes evenly in edit mode

I have unsuccessfully searched for a method to distribute meshes evenly within edit mode but found no such tool for the purpose described. Or may this quest be needless?

Can it be done without doing labourously workarounds like array (and subsequently joining the objects) or trying adjusting by the grid?

I’m wondering if a straight forward procedure existed like the one youll find i i.e. Illustrator? I.e. a way to distribute the meshes between two fixed meshes?

Any suggestions?

Addons, Object, Oscurart Tools does that. Not sure if this is included in what’s considered official blender, but it is in ones on builder.blender.org.

Wiki page

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Grab teh mesh and hold ctrl as you move and it will snap 1 full blender unit. You can also do “g”(for grab) “x”(for axis or y or z) 1.1(blender units) or whatever spacing you want.

edit mode > p (seperate) > by loose parts

object mode
select all of them, alt + ctrl + shift + c > origin to geometry

select all of them again, turn manipulate center points on.

scale x

Remove all but one. Select all, duplicate and move along axis with snapping, shift+R x2.

If they are the same-Array Modifier

Thanks, fine. Yet when I tried to grab it from Wiki page by url: https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/oscurart_tools.py I received this:

It tells something about an “invalid security certificate” and “get me out of here”. Do you have any idea of what’s about and whether the link is safe to enter?

Kind regards, Mikael

Thanks to all of you for kind feedback.

I think I now have a nice toolbox of methods to distribute meshes thanks to you yet missing a specific command, where I
(1) first create a fixed start mesh/object and (2) then a fixed end mesh/object, (3) create and – with this command – distribute a number of intermediate mesh/objects in between.

I can get along with the above suggested methods (i.e. in object mode: scaling centerpoints only) combined, but as far as I see I – in this case – have to “scale-nudge” the element by hand a bid thus loosing (when necessary) precise numerical control.

I found and installed an add-on: Vertex Tool (Englert/Jaworsky), which actually do something similar but only for single vertices aligned collectively in selection.

Kind regards, Mikael

The certificate issues are pretty common at the time when year changes - i believe there’s nothing dangerous, just not renewed server certificate.
To be honest i was a bit misleading recommending this addon - it works fine on separate objects, not the separate mesh parts, like you have.
In turn i was somehow mislead by your statement “labourously workarounds like array (and subsequently joining the objects)” which in fact is a matter of creating just one mesh, adding array and if really needed, applying it.
As to the spreading evenly vertices i have used Loop Tools so far since it gives some other useful modeling options too.

Happy blending!

Dear eppo
You’re right about the array statement I made. I guess its because I was searching for something similar to Illustrator without bringing it into my mind that this might not be the only way to do the job.

(1) Actually I’m very pleased with the nice Oscuart tools you suggested. They – together with Object/Translate/Align Object – do what I’m looking for. The “subsequently joining” thing I stipulated, is no problem.

(2) Thanks for your words about the certificate. Actually I forgot (sic) in my frenetic first try just to RB-click at the url-string and then “Save link to…” command. Everything’s OK.

Kind regards,