Distributing Spheres on a Plane

Hi, I need to distribute many spheres on a plane object in Blender 2.5. Like a bunch of marbles on a floor. I have read that particles can emit objects and I have also read that “Dupliverts” are another way of creating instances of objects but I can’t find a tutorial that explains this in 2.5.

So my question is. What are the benefits to using particles to do this or Dupliverts? Which method would you consider to be the better way and how would i go about doing this?

Also is there a way I can use an image map to control the placement of the spheres so I can keep the spheres away from a particular area?



Personally, I would use Dupliverts for this. Basically create a mesh object and delete all the verts. Then holding down CTRL and clicking the left mouse button, create vertices wherever you want your marbles to appear. Then enable Dupliverts and viola!

Hope that helps :yes:

Happy blending :smiley:

Not to disagree with my friend Robo, but particles would give a ton more control, use dupli if you want them evenly distributed, particles if you need variation.

Thanks Robo3DGuy, I’ve never tried Dupliverts so I will give this a go.

3dementia, Thanks for the reply. Do you know how to add a sphere to the particles so the particles spread spheres everywhere? Also is there a way I can use an mage map (jpg for example) to control the placement of the particles?