Distribution of Blender Video Tutorials

The project is almost finished. The main obstacle now is to figure out how to serve up all of these video tutorials. It seems that the best way we can do this is through BitTorrent, and then have a large amount of mirrors. So, let me know which you prefer so I can make a more educated decision.

Also, I like to know who would be able to be able to mirror these files. We are talking about an eventual gig of storage and some big bandwidth (5GB a day or so), depending on how many people use BitTorrent.

Again, this is for the communities video tutorials (and some official ones), so please contribute and make some video tutorials so we can put them up.

Just start out in the way you are more confortable with, then wait and see how things go and correct where needed.
For me Bittorrent is a good start.
Just share them.
I can’t wait!:smiley:

What is Bit torent?

The P2P revolution, for legal data too. :wink:

It’s an unique sharing design, with a great community (supplying and downloading). No ads, or any costs. Free.

BitTorrent was originally created to keep the load off of FTP servers when a new linux distribution came out. BitTorrent was also used to distribute the latest version of Blender.

It’s great for new releases where everyone is trying to get it at the same time. However, for old files that no one is torrenting it’s not so great. So, right now the plan is going to be to get a torrent tracker for new releases, and then a ton of mirrors for the rest.

I’m in the middle of a big design project until the 23rd, so hopefully I’ll be able to get at least the infastructure finished.