Can anybody explain me the general strategy for making Blender(2.25) standalone applications/games?
What are my choices?
What files must be included in final distribution and how to make it?

I had a check round the Blender Knowledge base,


You should find details on this page, if not use the search function at the top of the Blender base page.

Hope this helps.


Do you really have to be two people, both posting the same question, and both of you posting on the wrong board? A suggestion; If you do need two of you (or maybe three or four) to handle life, maybe if one of you were female, at least in name, like ‘maxine’ or something, it would make us less likely to flame you for your mistakes. Just maybe. By the way, if you all get it right and post on the right board, would all of you take credit for that, or just you?