Distriska Slatiski

This is a WIP for a class project. The assignment is to create a street scene. I am creating a street reminiscent of Eastern European neighborhoods in the US from the 1930’s to the 50’s. But, the street will be created with candy, and populated by it too. “Distriska Slatiski” is Croatian for District of the sweets, but The translation is courtesy of Google Translate, so it probably actually means something different.

Here is the first character, which I made last night. It still needs a few tweaks. It is an angry mobster gummy bear, soon to be made gummy. Enjoy!



Another update. Thoughts on the hat?

haha that is weird, but cool, I luv it, can’t wait to see it textured

very nice, this sounds like an interesting idea. one thing I notice though, is the cigarette looks like a western cigarette. russian ones flatten out at the base, because the ‘filter’ portion is just a longish paper tube.

Thanks for the tip man, I never knew that.