Ditch current GFX card?

After installing the 2.35 update, I noticed a few problems.

1. When I click file and move my mouse quickly it selects something even though I didn’t click the mouse. Really annoying.

  1. Occasionally zooming in and out in 3d view is really slow.

  2. Selected vertices, flash purple and yellow.

I had never had any problems with other versions of blender before. So I was quite disappointed in the new update. Then I read some threads about ATI issues.
I have a 9600XT Extreme 2.5ns 128mb.

Really nice card. Never given me problems, ever.
People have been saying that there is no real answer for ATI users. Except that ATI can’t handle openGL that well.

I’ve reformatted my computer 3 times and reinstalled blender a number of times but still the problem persists

So I figured I’d sell the card. Which is a shame cause its the best computer component buy ever.

Should I ditch my ATI for a Nvidia?

Go back to the previous version of Blender, the update doesn’t do much for Windows users.

what driver version?

what operating system?

have you tried the 2.36 release candidates?

the 2.35 release doesn’t work correclty on my system, for example the box selection lags behind the cursor and the menus are similarly slow. My build from current cvs does not have those problems.


well anyway, I am running:
windows xp service pack 2
ati catalyst 4.10 [latest is 4.11]

I build blender in cygwin

So many people with problems for Blender 2.35. Why did they release it with bugs?


Blender just isnt the same for me anymore. I can’t sit there for 4 hours straight anymore. 30 mins max cause everything is so delayed. :x

I really want to use 2.35 because it has global undo. :smiley: Something blender was missing for quite a while.

Just installed SP2 no difference.

Anyway, heres my specs:

Windows XP SP2
Catalyst 4.11

Haven’t tried 2.36 candidates. Sounds dodgy. What is it? I read the page on candidates, but was very confused. Could someone please explain what it is? Thanks

Several apps, Blender in particular, have a problem with ATI hardware. I have an ATI Fire GL T2 128 card, and I’ve had problems with it in Maya, I have serious problems with it in Blender, and Vue 5 doesn’t even recognize it at all (considering Vue 5 is a mess, that’s not too big a deal). Mind you, this is a fairly well-known workstation graphics card.

So my suggestion is to do what I’m doing, ditching the ATI. I’m getting a (relatively) cheapo nVidia gamer card instead. I’ve been looking at this card in particular:


If that’s a bit steep for you, this’ll do the trick as well:


I know it sucks to go this route, but until ATI get’s it’s OpenGL implentation together (which they claim to be in the process of doing, don’t know if that will address existing models or just new forthcoming gear), nVidia is unfortunatlely the only game in town.

I also sadly have an ATI card. They way we got it to work was to use Blender in Linux. It was a pain to set up though. You have to reprogram a few parts of the kernal and stuff like that. It took 4 hours but Blender works like a charm.

Let’s just say that I’m not going to use an ATI card until they at least get better Linux drivers. It’s such a pain.

However, I’ve found that Blender works fine in windows for me now since 2.34 (that’s when I started making video tutorials, interesting huh :D). I’m assuming you got the most recent drivers. After that I don’t know what else to say.

Yeah I got the latest drivers. :frowning:

I’ll sell my 9600XT on ebay. And buy this:

Apparently its worth the money. :wink:

Thanks for the help everyone.

:o Huh? Global Undo (Only 2.33 works well at work, so I use the older version and I’m getting so I can’t work with it cause I’m always wanting to undo.)
MAJOR update for windows users.
Edge and Face select mode: Totally changes the way you model things.

I’d say those are both VERY significant updates for windows users.

Going back to the catalyst drivers 3.8 I think (there’s a thread about it) works for a lot of people. The newer drivers almost never work. That being said, if you’re looking at that card, you apparently have some money to spend on your computer, and if you game a lot that’s a good bet. However, that card will not run Blender any better than most cards down to the MX 440. The graphics card doesn’t effect render speed at all, only UI speed, and it was plenty fast on my old MX 440. So if you’re not going to be gaming, or running apps that utilize that powerful of a card, I’d go for a cheaper one.