DittoBox.net v2.0

Working on a live mockup for v2.0 (I never finished 1.0!). I want to know what you guys think of the design.

I’m going to setup drupal for content management a little later on this week so I can start working on applying my mockup to a theme.


hmmmm not very boxey

and i don’t see many dittos.

but other than that minor detail i think its nice.

not convinced about the right hand side thing, (on my large monitor its a fair distance away from the other buttons) however i can be convinced more when the content is in. I.E. images loading to the left of the current content.

nice colour scheme though, and good font choice.

however consider justification of text, and/or increasing the font size or line i found it hard to read to a certain extent (could have been the contrast/ baqckground behind the text though).