Divco truck


This is the first car I mostly made last year but finished it now to put on BA.
It was made without blueprints so It was quite a struggle and the topology is messed up.
But I’m happy with the result and it’s a change from the usual BMW and Ferraris.
This car might be put in a 50s scene as a milk delivery truck.
Hope you like it and let me know what could be better.


I put this up 3 days ago and had to wait for moderation since I’m new.
Now it finally shows up but it is handled as a 3 day old post and gets somewhat buried on.
Maybe the BA mods should change this so all the enthusiastic new BA members can see their first post on page 1 like everybody else.
So I’m using the comments to get it on top and have more than 5 views which is demotivating.:wink:

like that toystory-style :slight_smile: