Dive to the Heart

I’ve always wanted to create characters from kingdom hearts but I never got around to doing it. Since KH 1.5 was released a while back I fell in love with it again.

The keyblade is from a scene I did last week entitled Keyblade graveyard. The material of it will be modified after I texture Sora.

Here are some pics of my progress, feel free to comment.



you did it very good. keep going on.

Did you use triangles?

Thanks RamtinA.

No XeroShadow, I didn’t use triangles. Almost everything has nice even/good topology except the hands, they pretty much stayed the same mesh from when I used the skin modifier.

Looks really cool so far.

Wasn’t able to do much today because of work but I’ve improved the rig a bit and made an extra pose.

I like this pose better. There are issues with the shoes in this pic but I’ve corrected them after the render finished

Added materials to Sora’s clothing as well as modified the keyblades materials a bit. Im still not sure when I will start the skin shader, I might even go and sculpt a new head and do the facial rig for it.

Anyways here you go.

So what was the process of making the hair if you didn’t use triangles?

At first I did poly hair (plane controlled with curve) and I didnt think i looked very good so i changed the planes to cylinders and used the curve to determine how thick/thin the cylinder would be. Once i was happy with it I put a particle system on each cylinder. I linked all the parts together to share the same particle system and material

The bottom mess is just the curves, the one above it is the cylinders and then the one of the right is the one with the particle system

Gave him a basic skin material (just SSS node for now). I also started to create the Dive to the Heart environment with the Door to Darkness at the top.

I wish there was volumetric lighting in cycles because i would like to have beams of light coming from each pillar or just the one with the door. I guess I’ll just have to add it in gimp.

Anyways enjoy.

I somehow forgot to create the straps on the shoes so I quickly modelled them.

Im trying to think of things to add to make the scene more interesting. I thought the beams of light would help a bit but I don’t really like the result. I was going to have each pillar gets it own beam of light with the color matching the image on the pillar but the main one (the one sora is on) would be to distracting and make the other two less visible since it takes up most of the screen.

This may be difficult to model but you could make a scene were Sora is looking up at that huge heartless thing you fight as the first boss. That would be pretty interesting :’)

Good idea! I’ve gathered a bunch of references, both from in game footage and concepts. I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to create because he is mostly black and I only really need the silhouette but we’ll see.

For today, and possibly tomorrow I’ll be sculpting and retopologizing a new head. Every time I look at his current head it makes me want to punch him XD

Here’s the new head. The one on the left is the new retopologized head, the centre is the sculpted head and the one on the right is the old head done by poly modelling. I still need to tweak the lips to make it more like the sculpt but other than that im happy with it.

Small update

I think tonight Im going to start sculpting darkside. Im not sure if I will end up creating the entire character, I might just do the waist up but it would be cool to have an entire Darkside model.

The only problem that I might run into is the head. Im not sure if i should just use the snake hook brush to create all the tentacles or just use curves and convert them to a mesh then sculpt. I think the second option would be the cleanest way of doing it.

Here’s the main reference that I will be using.

5 mintues into the darkside scuplt I somehow got distracted and started looking at pictures of other heartless. I found a pic of a shadow heartless in a bunch of different poses and I ended up modelling it. It didn’t take too long to create although I think its time to buy Contours from CG Cookie.

I had fun creating a bunch of different poses and I think I like the idea of Sora being surrounded by heartless instead of just looking at 1 giant one.

Quickly came up with a few changes to the scene.

Here’s a quick update. I did all of the changes I stated in the last post as well as separated the scene into multiple render layers.

A few issues:
-Sora doesnt look like he’s “leaping” towards the heartless, might want to try another stance
-Can’t really see Sora’s eyes
-The Master Keeper (keyblade in his right hand) materials need work
-Heartless hare too dark, might want to increase the value of the fresnel to help give the effect of rim lights.
-I like how the door kinda glows in the previous renders, I want to put that back in