divide a cube into many cubes

hi im a noobin blender and i need some help,

is it possible to divide a cube into smaller ones.

when u subdivide a cube u can see it divides into many i dont know what to call it but im shure u know what i mean. is it possible to divide a cube jsut as when u subdivide it but instead it becomes many individual objects ,

like if i divide a cube it becomes 4 cube on top of eachother instead of 1.

yours sincerely daniel

Welcome on board.

The easiest way is to just insert cubes and stack them as you want.


Insert one cube
Add modifier, Array
In Relative Offset, X=0, Z=1
Switch Constant Offset on
Apply the modifier
Switch to edit mode (Tab)
Press P > All Loose Parts

ok this i the type of mesh requried to do some of the physical simulation

search wiki for BSOD introduction to physical simulation

here is a way to do this from that tut

[LEFT]This is one method to buid such a mesh. You can use others if you want. Insert a cube, scale it to
half the size (exact). Enter editmode, enter Editing F9 select all vertices, Step = 6 (in our example)
and while in front view click Extrude Dup. Don´t leave edit mode. Go to top view, select all
vertices, and Extrude Dup. Go to side view, select all vertice, and Extrude dup. If you done
everything correctlly, you will arise to a mesh like this. Now, select all vertices, and click Remove[/LEFT]
, to remove all overlapping vertices that arisen from extrude dup. Check ok.

and this will give you a big cube with edges insides

hope it helps

I didn’t think of that one. Interesting technique.
But I think sushifish wants every little cube to be a separate mesh, so instead of removing doubles at the end, you do a P > All Loose Parts to separate every single cube.

BTW, what are all these FONT tags?

ok sorry for the mess up there

did not see that one pass!

your right the remove doubles might not be necessary if independant cubes are required

have fun with (cubes)^n