Divide a Face, not subdividing.

I’m trying to take a face of an object, and divide the square face into three segments. Subdivide makes it into 4 segments, and changes the look of the entire object, at least near the face. My other option was using Control+R twice, to make it into three segments, but this affects the entire object as well, and moving the line outwards from the center to create the two lines needed flattens the objects sides.

Basically, I want to add two more edges into a face, splitting it in three.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great, also if you did not fully understand I could post screen shots to try and help show what I’m trying to say.


Select one edge and then w-subdivide to get triangles. If you split a quad into 3 triangles, you will end up with tris on other sides of the division anyway because of the need for the subdivided edge. You might post a drawing, but by then you may figure it out :slight_smile: