Divided - The Sand Commanders Final Epic - Haunted Sandspit

I some how got the blend file to about 30 megs . . . so I may need to optimise it or simply do the rest of the scene in GIMP.

I want this kind of to be an epic - sort of sketch in the longer term so I will get some fantasy items later.

Please note that plenty of the “props” are from free models that the authors have kindly donated, and I did not notice any terms and conditions for these to be duly attributed to the authors.

The guys will be fighting some monsters and thereabouts something . . . I will be on the search engine for some free monsters. And yes, I will have some lightening there too somewheres.

I like some images that are kind of like which just draws the eyes to it . . . you don’t know what it’s about, but dig it just the same.


Some minor changes . . . I have some more ideas about the monsters and the placings of them so as to avoid the high *.blend size.


Another update - this is more of a concept - I plan to add some more smoke and have a dark atmosphere. Most of the work was done with GIMP fill . . . of the renders. Monsters to follow . . . I have a free monster that I can kind of tweak to several poses and brush these in.