dividing objects

hi, i was wondering how i could specify the sub-division (like not the one where it rounds off edges, but the one that like divides a face of a cube into 4 per face).

i wanted to specify the number like z-3, x-4,y-6. is their a menu or a place where i can do that. i looked everywhere and cant find it in the menu:S

also, how can i scale by a set number. like instead of draging the mouse, that i would type in 100, and then it would scale by a factor of 100.

maybe the same for rotation?

any help is greatly welcome

I don’t think you can specify different values for xyz when dividing a face but you can cut the face with the knife (K, if I remember right).

When you scale, you can type it and you see it on the screen. First type x,y or z if you want only to scale in one direction.