DivineRAiN's sketchbook (nudity)

along with enjoying 3d, I enjoy traditional stuff as well, and painter. I was working on this one in painter when I found out Blender had a 2.53 version, and it was like a day or two later 2.54 came out which is the version I’m still using now. This was put on the back burner so I could finally learn how to do something in blender.

some tonal studies from paintings by Bouguereau and Caravaggio


hand studies (from a thread on cgtalk)… Michelangelo and Bernini


caught my Grand-daughter as she slept… of course she didn’t stay still so I could finish the drawing. Trying to draw from life around here is hard, because no one will sit still and my memory sux. All the drawings I’m posting here were done with charcoal, it’s been years since I used a pencil.


master copies of a cpl paintings by Bougeureau

some eye studies


a painter sketch from imagination

Some look good some kinda give a little “something wrrong” feel.

I’m jealous of your grasp of color and shading :slight_smile:

I might recommend you work a bit on overall form and perspective however, as the first and last images you posted feel a little off, particularly in the facial regions.