DivX Creator/Win for free, only today

FYI: http://www.divx.com/anniversaryoffer/

yo thanks for that, downloading now :wink:

Did it, still haven’t got the key 50 mins later… hmmm…


there’s always a possibillity you’ll have some unsolicited emails 50 days later …

I’ve got my after couple of hours…

Probably due to MASSIVE world wide interest…no wonder, who wouldn’t
like to have a full fledged DIVX license for free?

Thanks man! 8)

At first I was sceptical, but then I figured I’d just use my phoney email address and let the spam go there. It’s really handy to have an email account like that for registrations. I get heaps of spam and I don’t even care…

Thanks for the tip, Schlops! :smiley:

It’s finished.
sey ya in 2010.

EDITED: I didn’t even realise that my post might have been considered warez, until I read mzungu’s post (2 posts down). So I’ve edited this message just in case.

@Schlops: Thanks a lot for that link!

if only they had kept up the linux version…

Would it be considered warez to post a key here? They were giving 'em away after all… eh, probably so…

Well I am waiting for my key 3hrs later. 2days they said hmm :frowning:

just wait, opera did this, and then went completely free.

i wish. :frowning:

I got my key about 6 hours later. YAY! :smiley:

I seemed to have just missed. I accessed the link at 12:21pm Sept 29. It said it was over. . . . :frowning:

I assume the giveaway stopped at 12:00pm

Whew, got in just in time.

Thanx Schlops, just recieved key 8hrs later :smiley:

Just picked up my key!

Stupid thing was, I only browsed there by chance because I got a new TV card. Otherwise I’d have missed this!



Got it, thanks for the link !

The “slow” option just seems to make compression slower without making any difference to the filesize though… :frowning: