DivX Creator/Win for free, only today

But better quality?

Now that you mention it there IS a difference. Not huge though. I’d feel cheated if I’d paid for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you who didn’t get your reg-key yet, don’t worry, I just got mine earlier on today. If you check now it might already be there.

the bundled tools with it are stupid.

is it basicly only the codec that is usefull in this package or what?


I think they are just copying the Opera developers. Except what they did was say they were giving out free keys for a limited time so that people rushed to get it and then they made it free anyway.

I don’t know if these guys will do the same. I doubt it but there are loads of free divx/xvid encoders that you don’t really need the commercial version.

Not to mention that H264 is out and is even better quality:


Only problem is the encoding time :-?. If you need speed, then just go with xvid. Xvid is even compatible with the offical divx decoder.Quicktime on my machine just uses a component called xvid delegate to make the official divx component decode it.

in certain cases it’s g-o-o-d to have the official version of software (and NOT the very latest&greatest), esp. if you send your stuff to a customer and/or for official selections on festivals or similar.

faster=better is o.k. for previews or artsyfartsy things …

o.t.: bink has quite good quality.

i’m curious how flv will come around.

Wow! I just checked out the comparison and there’s a significant difference. But yeah, it is slow. 6min compared to 27min. But still. Wow!

On close inspection (especially on sharp edges, like text and such) x264 makes edges a little bit blurrier (very apparent on the “Animation Studios” on the second screenshot), but considering that you don’t see the grainy artifacts, and you get more detail, it’s a big improvement.

[EDIT] I looked around and apparently it is still in very early stages of development, so maybe I’ll just play around with the codec for now. [/EDIT]

Some implementations are not compatible with the current standard. Some encoders try to put H264 media in an AVI wrapper but H264 should be placed in an MP4 container with a .MP4 extension, which is based on Quicktime’s .mov container.

I use Quicktime H264 for some short clips because Quicktime just seems more official than Mencoder and it’s playable in a web browser. I can also edit them easier. But it’s slow.

On Windows, I would recommend either Quicktime or Nerodigital. The latter more than the former. Nerodigital is compatible with Quicktime too and it is supposed to be faster at encoding:


One thing I really like about H264 is the keyframes. In codecs like mpeg-1 and such, there used to be enough keyframes for you to scrub through a movie. But with xvid etc. they space them too far apart to save file size. H264 now makes enough for scrubbing again.

Guys, just to tell you, Divx 6 have DVD style menu…
h264 just has a nice encoding algo, it’s yours to choose.

Still ain’t got my key :frowning:


what email client?

i got a key for my main email addy, but also typed in my hotmail addy. i never got one in my hotmail box.

i think hotmail stopped the messages before they got into the box, even before they got into junkmail…


normal pop3 with BT openworld, and still no key yet :frowning: :frowning:



Hmmm Alltaken, ya made me think, so I looked at my bt online email same email as my pop3, and there it was strange that some stuff has gone there and some got through to Thunderbird??!!!, ah well got it now :smiley: :smiley:

That’s true but it’s only available for Windows users and h264 is going to be the chosen format for Blu-ray and HD-DVD so I’m guessing menus will come soon enough with the PS3 launch just round the corner.

I don’t think there are many DVD players that support DivX (none of the three in my house do). I hardly ever see DivX on the side of a DVD player in shops.

The problem with DivX is that it’s an unofficial format and isn’t supported by the movie industry at large. Now that H264 is supported by them, DivX never will be.

But I would probably still recommend divx/xvid for the moment because of compression speed and the fact that most people are using it for compressing their DVDs.

I don’t think there are many DVD players that support DivX (none of the three in my house do). I hardly ever see DivX on the side of a DVD player in shops.
??? every little gadget I see in shops seems to have DivX support/chip, even those ugly silver plastic boxes for 50Euros …

Never liked DivX personally (similarly I can’t stand neiher QuickTime or Windows media), but it seems like a must-have ‘right now’.