DIY Bedroom

Blender 2.74, MD, Vray

The plant used is taken from blendswap and modified a bit

beautiful render,nice soft lighting.the bedcover looks great -just diffuse material?any site for free fabric textures?

Nice render hdri lighthing i guess?What settings about color mapping and engine primary?

Hey and thx for your comments !

Fabric is diffuse, but I’m using a falloff map to make the edges appear lighter/softer and a bump map. I got this texture from cgtextures and made it seamless in photoshop.

Lighting is just hdri.
Color mapping settings :

You have to enable “display in sRGB” in vray frame buffer. I did this because i wanted to save the image as hdr file. Then I did tonemapping in photoshop.

Primary engine:

I use normally linear and don’t affect color,and if i can bf+lc ,my problem is when windows are very little ,the time render encrease a lot,another question the material of concrete behind the bed: reflection map glossines map and fresnel?

I use (diffuse map) ,reflection map , fresnel, displacement and bump map