DIY Blender render farm


Recently I finished making a personal Blender Render Farm out of spare computers and 2 servers I had laying around.
Made a short video about it and wanted to share it.
In case you want to see it, here it is

Any feedback on it would be very much appreciated^^

I would also like to mention that, since I’m not giving it any use, I would like to help others by renting it.
Sheepit does NOT do it for me since the electricity costs are too high for points that I can’t use anyways, so I thought renting it would at least allow me to help others while not losing money.

Pricing would go at around 1 euro for every 5 hours of consecutive rendering, using around 60 cores in total. And I’m not using any fancy websites or addons, would go on an individual basis.

That was all, hope you have a nice day and thank you for reading!

The problem is that the default cube render doesn’t quite represent an accurate measure of performance.
In addition, those 5650’s are a bit aging as you said.

What are the additional specs of the DLs? Ram?
I’m looking to compare with my dual C6220II farm, housing HP MXM carriers. They, however, have dual 2697V2 processors.

Yea, I thought on trying the BMW, classroom or other benchmark too, and I will. But at the time of making the video I didnt.

Other specs are 72 gigs of ram for one of the DLs, 8 for the other, and the one with 72 DDR3 is running an SSD.

Also need to note, I’ve set them to balanced mode, which after trying out the performance mode on the bios, its exactly 1/3 slower. So actually I’m leaving some performance aside. But consuming less too.

Hmm interesting.
Originally, my farm was to be built around a custom c3000 chassis, with 4 WS460 G8 blades, with 1U optimized water cooling.
I actually tested with one G8 blade and it seemed promising but the locked-down nature of HP (and the noisy fans) put me off. And I ended up settling for modified Dell C6220II but kept the MXM carriers. I also had to do the “stupid” route and water cool the ram because apparently DDR3 LRDIMM modules get real hot even with decent air channeling. Each one has 128GB of ram.

What was the total cost per server if I may ask?

Damn, those surely are beefed up x3

I got both of them for 170 euros. Well, the guy who sold them gave me the one with 72gigs for 170 and the other one free for “spare parts” since it had the orange light error and wouldnt boot up.

Eventually I got it too boot up and get it running. (Was a Cmos battery issue)
Being second hand and somewhat old now they do have their flaws, aside from performance.

But overall, I’m happy with them. Not in the position of being able to spend money on buying overkill hardware for this so they do the job just fine^^