Dizzy Animation - Inktober 2019 Recreation

Been trying to relearn some Blender on the side. Enjoying doing some NPR animation.
For this one I focused on figuring out the weird way arrays are handled and seeing if i could make it work with the Grease Pencil. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned, but I got close enough.


Really great

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Short, but very well done, I didn’t see any major animation flaw (so I guess you managed to make the arrays work well enough).

Thanks! Ya, I used empties parented inside empties with a the transformations for the main empty driving the transformations for the rest the hierarchy. This helped recreated the array look. Then I duplicated the Grease pencil object and parented them to the empties so I could then offset the animation frames as well.

It’s very effective. Love the change in speed and the way the detective figure morphs and slips away.

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