Dizzy: Remake Concept

Modernised remake of an old classic :wink: Who here is old enough to remember the Dizzy series? I thought this would be an interesting project to undertake. So far I’ve composed this concept shot of the start of the game.





It still needs a few additions and tweaks before it’s finished. I know there’s a few errors in there as well. I’ll make a note to fix those…

Those unfamiliar with Dizzy can read about him here.

There’s lots that needs to be modelled for the game, so if anyone would like to help out let me know.

looking good so far - i’ve played that game before - it’s a classic - if you need any particular model let me know and give me a reference shot and i’ll make it for you! great going! :wink:

I hate that font. Make one like the original game.

Note in the first screenshot it says Holding, but in the second it says carrying.

An update:


If I can get the dynamics working correctly I’ll continue to recreate the entire game. Making the controls feel like the original is proving to be some work…

I think i’ve played a dizzy game on the sega genesis at a friend’s house a long time ago, I didn’t really have an idea what to do. Nice work so far.

Awesome idea! I hate his new face, it looks way too much like a real face and not cartoony at all. Maybe ditch the nose and use a texture instead of lighting to provide the facial features? He just looks too much like a badass when if I remember right dizzy doesnt actually get to fight the enemies but has to avoid them. Other than that, looks pretty good!

i’m having a thought here - since it’s a 2D game why not just make invisible objects for collsion and use alpha sprites for the visible objects - make it just like a popup book where things are layered - it would make it much more realistic and have more OSA on the edges - i agree too - he should be more all white or something - the shadows make him look mean or something…

Thanks for the feedback all.

The dizzy model does need some more work. I’ll try make him more cartoony.

I’m probably going to follow your suggestion Prince and render the 3D models out and map them on 2D Planes. Then use an invisible collision mesh around the object. I have the original animated sprites for dizzy as well so I could use these as a reference for creating my own.

I’ve made good progress with the dynamics. Collisions are erratic sometimes though, with dizzy being flung high into the air or half way across the map. Having a simplified collision mesh should fix this.
Still not sure how I’m going to do the rolling aspect yet. In the original if you didn’t land on your feet you rolled along until you were upright again.