DJ Puppet

My latest work :slight_smile: The puppets were created using new Cycles strand rendering.

I rendered four separate images with alpha transparency (crowd, stage, background and glass) and combined them in Gimp. Made things a lot easier since I didn’t have to render the whole scene each time I changed something.

nice scene, but for the final result you should have put the parts together. For testrenders you could mahe them in a lower resolution. But now the lights from the lamps doesnt affect the stage and the crowd. And light shafts would be awesome. Especially in concert halls there are everywhere light shafts. The crowl looks like it has been not perfectly keyed in.

Its really unnesseceary to reduce the quality of that image just because of rendertime saving. Dont spare with quality and time on the final rendering. Hope you give it a try.

Thanks for suggestion, I see what you mean, but I didn’t really want too much light on the crowd (since they are not that important overall) and lamps in the front are actually part of the stage render layer. Those lamp lights are just not bright enough to add light to the scene, so I had to use additional plane lights for the lighting.

And I agree about the crowd not being perfectly keyed in, maybe I should have worked more on that part. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Its right, the crowd shouldnt be too bright. In fact i would have made it much darker with, a light reflection like here:
And as i said, this would look with light shafts awesome^^.