djin model

here is a djin model i am working on

This guy is hella cool.

but, the head is too small…

really nice work,

model or sculpt? ^^

btw the cloud/smoke has some small odd looking artifacts

I need to redo the cloud smoke. it not stylised enought, for the head i like litlte head so…

That looks pretty good.
Whats going on with his legs though? I can’t make out what it is down there.

Is djin pronounced with a silent d, so jin?

i don t know for the D…I pronounce it but? the correct spelling is Djinn or jinn, it s from arabic country like for aladin’s djinn

I should start texturing tonight

Usually in English we call them “Jeanie,” but that’s likely a corruption of the original - djinn is probably techinically more correct.

Your model is very very well done, you have a sculptor’s sensibility. A wire would be nice to see, even though you’re not going to animate this (are you?)

How are you planning to texture this? You’ve chosen to make his vaporous tail and hair out of verts rather than particles, which is an interesting choice, and probably a good one, given you’re stylized approach. What’s your goal with the final piece?

yes it is very z brush…not particals all mesh but anyway go hard

I think they’re called "Genie"s not “jeanie” but, yeah it must be a corruption of “djinn”.

But the model is excellent; And the smoke is really good too…I like it…I’m definitely watching this thread!

no dude he just has big muscles lol but yeah i looks really cool

It s a sculpted model. so it s aim is illustration not animation. but the mesh is rather dense so i should retopo it, because it s a bit heavy. I want to change a bit the pose so as to turn the head a bit and gave a more dynamic style.
May be i will download the z brush demo version so as to test texturing tool. that s a good idea.

What does Z Brush do? I’ve heard anout it; i think it’s something like photoshop?