DL'ing texture plugins is confusing(move please)

For some reason I don’t know how to get texture plugins to work, for example, I go to the plugin repository and click the buttons that leads to the pie texture. But then it starts getting confusing, there’s two files pie.zip and examp.zip, we tried DL’ing the pie.zip file but that didn’t seem to work, the examp.zip was just a text file for blender on how to use it. Another texture plugin has just the examp.zip and another had windows DLL in the bottom list.

So i’m basically asking say I wanted the pie texture, how do I on windows XP with S.P. 2 on it get it to work in blender from DL’ing it to actually using it.

Oops, I thought this was blender general, can someone move it there? :-?

Okay, think i’ve figured it out soon after posting this, the 2 files for the pie were example files and you’re supposed to DL the files that says windows DLL on those that have them, too bad few plugins can be DL’ed for windows. :frowning:

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Go to the bottom of this page:


and 4th from the top is a .zip with all the dll’s (and if that’s not enough of them then you’re just greedy :wink: ). Open them in a folder on your HD and when you want to use one as a texture choose “Plugin”, “Load Plugin” and navigate to the dll. Same thing for a sequence in the Add menu.