DLL Compatibility

I have Microsoft Windows 7, 64 bit Ultimate.
I would like to install Blender; which they say, the 64 bit version of it’s program is compatible. Upon installing it, I’m told that it’s missing ‘vcomp90.dll’. That turns out to be included in Microsoft’s C++ package, 2005 version. So, if I install this (I assume it installs into Windows>System 32) and copy that file over to my Blender Folder, would this still be compatible?

If the above can be answered, should I create my Blender Installation Folder in C://Program Files(X86)?


Just install the C++ package as linked to on the download site. Once installed you don’t need to drag any files over to anywhere, blender will find them.
You can install blender to whatever location you want, wherever you are mst comfortable for it to be located.
Note that the 64bit version of blender 2.49b is just a zip file so you need to install manually, if you want to use a proper installer use the 32bit version (still works in a 64bit windows environment just fine). The 64bit version of blender is missing some features and unless you need to use masses if RAM you won’t see any benefit over the complete 32bit version.
You may see a warning saying blender cannot find the correct python, this is needed for some advanced scripts so not needed for beginners. If you do want to install python go to www.python.org and download and install python 2.6x, NOT the latest version.


Richard, did you mean 2.6.6 or 2.7?

32 or 64 bit?