DLL not included in the .EXE

I am new to Blender and at this point I AM deffinatly a noob, so please do not flame me if this is a common question or one that has a SUPER obvious answer.

I recently followed a great tutorial on how to make a SUPER short car game.
but when I clicked SAVE RUNTIME the xe appeared on my desktop(which was great).
So believing myself to be finished i then Exited Blender and opened the test.exe that I had created.
But when it begna to open the EXE it gave me an error saying that “Python24.dll” wasnt found.
So like any normal person I decided to search about my pc with the windows SEARCH function, and sure enough there it was inside the Blender Program files folder.
So copied the DLL to my desktop where the EXE was and this time it didnt ask me for that file, It asked me for ANOTHER one “SDL.dll”, so once again I navigated my way to the Blender Program folder and once agian there it was, so i copied it to my desktop and tried again.
And this time it asked me for “pthreadVC2.dll” so i found it and copied it over again.
And this time the exe ran without a problem, so that was it my problem was sorted.
So i sent the EXE in a zip file to my other PC (that doesnt have Python or blender installed) and it worked PERFECTLY.
So i came to the intelligent assumption that those 3 DLL files are needed to distribute your Runtime about.

So i thought that there would bea way to INCLUDE the .DLL files WITHIN the .exe itself, I looked about WITHIN the program and the Sourcecode aswell, But i just CANNOT figure out WHERE the MAKE RUNTIME information is saved.
I assumed there might be an area called RUNTIME but there wasnt, so Could some one please explain to me where the runtime data is kept so that I can EDIT IT and the RECOMPILE.

You cannout include the .dlls in the .exe itself you need to include them in the .exes directory like what you have done.

Oh i see.
I thought there might be a way to do it.
So does this mean that if i added say a SONG to my game thent he song wouldnt be included in my .EXE.
So then there ISNT a way to include it in the Compiling of the .RUNTIME itsef?

A song, im sure music doest get included with your .exe if not then just as before in the same diretory.

Songs can be included in your .exe file (if you would like) if they are .wav format and you pack your data before making the runtime. Since you’re new to Blender, you might like to read an article I wrote called “How do I publish my game?” It’s got a lot of details that you would probably find useful.

About the rewriting the code thing, I imagine if you knew what you were doing you could find a way to package the .dll’s in there (though I’m no expert in the details of that). I can’t offer any direction as to where in the source you’ll find it.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. People around here don’t generally flame noobs. Make sure you use the forum search first, though.

Oh thankyou very much.
Im unsure if thi means that TEXTURES will be included in the .exe though.
But Im sure like me that many people want to create Pojects but do not wish for other people to steal their models and music and textures for their own games.

Because we put the hard work into making them, Of course I’ll have a few songs avaliable on the website when I put it up, But are you sure there is no way to ADD ALL of these to the .exe itself.

Not only for the reasons I have said above because also it looks more Profesisonal and cleaned up to have a SINGLE file, i mean a person might put the game on the Desktop and might not want say 20SONGS ,3DLL files and hundreds of textures placed on their desktop.
If ANYONE knows WHERE the include section of the runtime creator is within the SOURCECODE then il be HAPPY to include more things, as having so many files is very messy i believe.
THough maybe no one else shares my opinion

It seems that you missed my post, as you were writing a response to braveheart when I wrote it. Textures and songs can be included, but professional, commercial publishing does not happen with Blender the way that you are hoping it will. (You can publish commercially and professionally, but it will be a bit more complex process.) For now, please read the article I gave you a link to in my previous post. I will be writing more on how to publish your game with an .exe without having your content GPL’ed, how to mask the content (though most Blender users will still be able to find it), and maybe a bit about using an installer to install your game and add a link to the desktop.

might you tell me where you got that tutorial?

You mean the article I referred squall789 to? I wrote that myself.

Thankyou VERY much dude.
Your tutorial seems to be very interesting along with being rather Informative, though so far Ionly did QUICK skim read lol.
But once again thankyou for your help.
Hmmm only wav huh, well WAV can sound just as good as MP3 if the bitrate is high enough, not to mention .WAV are often very small.
To bad i didnt hear about the ADDING DLL and other stuff to the .exe, but I havent read ur tut yet so it may tell me EXACTLY what i need to know huh lol.