DLL-version of blur plugin

(Jamesk) #1

Does anyone have a compiled DLL-version of the blur-plugin? Would appreciate it!

(ray_theway) #2


(Caronte) #3

Anyone have the Blur plugin (not ZBlur) mine don’t work.

(Jamesk) #4

ray_theway: thanks, but I needed the blur.dll, not zblur.
caronte: you’ve gotta be able to find that in the plugin repository, I just don’t remember the url… damn…

(ray_theway) #5

Hey, sorry folks. I guess it’s some sloppy reading. BTW, the plugin repository is here:
Unfortunately the blur plugin is only C source and some other platforms (Linux SO, IRIX, etc.) and my C compiler is being absolutely obstinate about compiling anything without a main() in it. :x Oh well, just more impetus to try to get GCC running.

(Jamesk) #6

Dang it!

(SirDude) #7

Just an additional comment about the binarys provided on the

There are a few windows plugins that are missing. The reason
for this is because windows shared librarys(dlls) do not work like
the other platforms, and they don’t allow you to do things these
plugins do.

You can’t in the dll call a function which is defined in the blender
source. (This use to work with some of the compilers but I believe
they “fixed it”) Once we have access to the source code
we will be able to include the external functions in some big
#ifdef WIN
and they will magically start working again.