Dloc corner collision made even worse with the new Bullet version?

I know the general wisdom here, never use Dloc, but I’ve been using a python system in a game that slows the Dloc speed way down when you run into a corner which successfully prevents you from going through the wall, that’s using the Dloc value.

Now in 2.49 after the Bullet upgrade that foolproof system is completely broken as the Dloc corner collision now fails and you go through in all cases even if you’re just going super slow, it seems the new Bullet doesn’t try to make the corner push back as you try to push through it like with 2.48 and before, it almost seems to push you into the wall instead of the wall pushing back.

Replacing the low value with 0 works, but why did this foolproof system break with the new bullet, why does super low Dloc values now allow you to go through corners while it doesn’t before the Bullet upgrade?

did you file a bug report?

Well, the thing is. Don’t use dloc for movement ><.

Dloc isn’t meant to detect collision, it moves the object by so many units. Its like instantaneously teleporting the object. You really should use velocity for movement.

Are you using dloc because you are having trouble with using velocity?

You could have the moving object emit a ray as long as the dloc, and have your script check every timestep.

I remember using Sumo physics (what?!) we used Loc for movement all the time.
The object stopped when it hit a wall, it didn’t go through, it didn’t bounce back, and it didn’t slide around on the ground.

I don’t have any problems using servo, but I bet people would like it if the above where true with Bullet physics.

I’m not familiar with this issue. Could you create a bugreport at blender.org issue tracker and attach a very simple .blend reproduction case that works well in Blender 2.48 but not in 2.49?