Dlss or Fsr feature for cycles

Is it possible to implement a Dlss or Fsr similar feature for cycles?


do you have the code?

I have zero codeing knowledge.i’m just asking is it possible.

Dlss and fsr are meant to be used in realtime. Cycles is offline renderer and does not need to use fast upscaler.
You can just try some other also offline upscalers and compare to native or lowsample native with denoiser. It does not have to be build in Cycles.

Dlss is temporal solution so it won’t work for stills.

I gues that FSR could be embedded in Cycles but i doub that this have sense.


Plus solutions like DLSS need training before adequate results. Game companies that use it spend time training DLSS on their games before release.

I’m afraid that wouldn’t make much sense. FSR and DLSS beside beeing temporal are focused on consumer experience not on production quality.
Main problem for Cycles is not low resolution or low framerate but noise. And DLSS/FSR are not designed to deal with that.

Personally I wouldn’t touch any upscaler in Cycles, because I want to have both preview and render images as close to ground truth as possible. Only then I can make judgemant about the quality of the work. Denoiser is a neccesary evil, but it does the job when it comes to the big problem - noise. Using DLSS/FSR for viewport only, doesn’t make sense also - because the final render would look completly different than the viewport thus breaking your workflow.

Maybe DLSS/FSR could be incorporated in EEVEE, but IMHO the place where upscalers could bring real benefits is speeding up animation playback time. But even here if the project is made with Cycles you want to judge the quality of the animation with native resolution, so DLSS/FSR is pretty much useless.

I don’t think every new tech should be blindly incorporated in any software (Blender included) just because the hype is real.