DMC Delorean 1985

Hi, this my first serious model. I didn´t finish the model process yet. The wheels are a prototype, i just made them to see how it looks the car. Also I didn´t apply any subsurf modifier yet, im still modeling. I didn´t apply any material. And the door-mirror is just a simple model.
C&C are welcome!

Add a flux capacitor and some plutonium to supply the 1.21 Gigawatts and you’ll be set!!:smiley: Nice model.

I like your model, what modeling technic do you use?
I started a car few days ago and I exclusively model by edge extruding.
I wonder is other technics can be used and wich is the easier…

looks pretty tidy there, but there are some weird autosmooth artifacts happening. perhaps we could see a wire?

Here are the wire. The trunk and the back bumper are missing.
1)Yes, i have some weird “Set smooth” stuff, how can i fix them?
2) How can i apply subsurf modifier only in specific parts?

  1. try recalculating normals, with Ctrl+N
  2. You cant. You could either not apply subsurf, or apply it at level 1 to make a minimum of new vertices. Remember that having subsurf as a modifier and not applied wont really affect very much though-there are only few situations where you’ll really need to.

That’s 1.21 jiggowatts… The writers of the movie adopted this term from a speaker at some convention or something, who kept saying jiggo to giga.

About the model. These smoothing artifacts are normal in a non-subsurfaced low poly model. It should clear up when you enable subsurf. However, I would recommend you turn on subsurf from the beginning. There are things you need to keep into account when subsurf modelling, and it’s best to see the model taking shape as it should from the beginning.

I see quite an amount of triangles BTW. They wreak havoc with the subsurf algorithm. Stick to quads.

Finally i finished modeling. Maybe i have to fix little things. Here are new screens:
1)Please let me know your opinion…
2)¿Should I apply some Subsurf Modifier?
3)Now i have to start adding materials, but i don´t know where i should start.

Does that model have a subsurf modifier, or is it a standard mesh? And about applying it, that’s usually not necessary. Just leave it as a modifier.

Can you show a wire (editmode, shaded, limit selection to visible, non subsurfaced, edge select mode)? I suspect there are still triangles, and some other irregularities.

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Sorry im a bit of a Back to the future fan id love to see this model textured and maybe even an animation ‘hint’ ‘hint’

ACtually its standard mesh, but i think i have to put a subsurf modifier, not an applying.Yeah, there are some triangles, but i´m converting them to quads, but in some places , its imposible to keep quads.
Now i´m stucked doing the material of the body, its pretty hard.

Triangles may be difficult to avoid, but not impossible. There are several techniques to do so. Search the forum for them. In particular, I remember a thread called something like “modelling techqniques” in which such things were discussed. It’s OK to have some triangles in places where it’s not easily visible BTW, should you really need a few.

Before you work on the material, I’d suggest you pay close attention to the mesh first. For example, you first have to make it a subsurf mesh, and make the nesessary changes to make it look right. Just enabling subsurf will most likely not work properly. Also, an interiour would be nice, but you could cheat that by having black windows (although you’ll feel better about the result when you don’t cheat :slight_smile: )

i modeled the car in parts, (front bumper, doors, etc). If i apply a subsurf modifier, there are some parts that are too rounded. How do you control that?

You can add more geometry and move it closer to the corner or select vertices and use Shift + E (that’s a recent addition so you may need a newer version!)

Adding geometry can be done best with loopcuts (CTRL-R). Getting rid of the rounding is done by placing a new edge loop near the end of object. Using creases, like PaulLewis suggested, doesn’t work well for cars, in my experience.

The menu under CTRL-E has some more options that might be useful. And, this might be useful.

I started putting materials. I dont know what to do with the lighting. How can i make a good lighting. The materials are refllected with blue because the world settings

For proper lighting setups, lookup some tutorials and see the documentation.

A nice trick to see how your reflective material is working out BTW, is putting a large white plane with emit at 1.0 above the scene, out of sight of the camera.

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great model

what referance matterial did you use …?

Actually jiga is just Giga pronounced with a soft ‘g’ if you want to get technical. I believe it has something to do with the greeks not having a hard ‘g’ in their language… So, 1.21 billion Watts.

Anyway, you asked how to only subsurf certain parts of the model. First, subsurf the object. Then select the edges you still want sharp, hit Shift+E, and move the mouse.

I need a little help to achieve this material:
Can anyone help me?